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The Studio

About Us

Welcome to Soulfitness. 

At our studio and in our classes we focus on the entire sensation of the body, including the mind and for those who want and allow, also the soul. Everyone is welcome, both experienced and beginners. 

Every class includes a short breathing exercise to help us set the mind and body in preparation for the following movements. We also offer full breathwork sessions and energizing ice baths in our ice bath chamber.

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Sandra Wigren

Grounder and CEO of SoulFitness. 


" The lotusflower rises through mud before blossoming​, move past challenges and keep growing"

Sandra is an international certified personal trainer and ´pain to power´ coach with over 30 years of experience within fitness and 15 years of helping people with personal growth.

The concept of implementing breathwork in all the classes in SoulFitness studio is from her own experience of healing and building up her self from trauma. Together with her study of the importance of breathing in physical training.

Stina Strömberg

Stina is a certified yoga teacher within several kinds of yoga and she have been practicing it for seven years. She believe in patience and to just trust in the progress.


"Yoga is always your own, it might be shared with others but the main thing is YOU"

Please ask yourself what your purpose is for attending the class? Is it for a fun experience?

Do you want to explore or learn more? Maybe you wanna focus more on the physical side of the practice or is it more for letting go of your mind and to just be in your body? 

It could be one or several of these things.

But no matter what, You being here is about You and what You wanna experience.

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