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This indoor studio with an icebathchamber is located in the middle of Klong Dao on the main road.

Here we offer many different Yoga, Breathwork and fitness classes. 

In our very popular and fully booked Icebathchamber you can combine icebath with breathwork and enjoy beautiful sense of pale santo together with relaxing music. You can book alone or in a group. Drop in is possible between the classes in the studio. 

We also have a boutique with some training clothes from SF design, muay thai equipment, jewelerys, and we have our own made ´Health Juices´- a super fresh kick and vitamine bomb.

In our beautiful studio you have the choice of many different classes during the day, as well as deep inner journeys with our 9D breathwork classes and ´So Ham´ meditations.

See our schedule and book your class here:

Behind our studio we also run a retreat with both workshops and longer retreats. We have apartments and studios for short and long rental. 

Let us know if you have any special requests or questions here:

Thank you for your request!

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