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Here you can boost and fill up yourself with new energy. You can choose to do a breathwork session while in the bath, but it is also possible to do it without. .

All though- to use breathwork together with the icebath is un increadable combination and will do amazing things with your energy and health. The class will be around 30-45 min including an introduction for the breathing before you enter the bath, 

Towel can be rented for 50 bath. Please use swim underwear during the bath, 


Icebath - 250 bath

Icebath + breathwork class - 400 baht ( make the experience and benefits even more )

Rent of towel- 50 baht

You can book the icebath whenever you want during the day. 

Please wear swim underwear.

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Let us know if you have any special requests or if you would like to book the 'Ice & Breath' session!

Thank you for your request!

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