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We have three beautiful studios on Koh Lanta island. One at  Klong Dao Beach on the north part, one in Klong Khong a bit more south,and one at Rawi Warin resort & spa.

El Pillax studio
Klong Khong

This is our beach studio with an amazing view located at El Pillax resort - Klong Khong beach.

Here we offer Yoga, Breathwork and fitness classes together with icebaths.

Klong Dao studio

This indoor studio with an icebathchamber is located in the middle of Klong Dao on the main road.

Here we offer many different Yoga, Breathwork and fitness classes. 

Soulfitness - Klong Khong-21.jpg

Rawi Warin

Resort & Spa

In 5 star resort Rawi Warin Resort & spa- SoulFitness studio offers:

Yoga, Breathwork fitness, personal training, Functional strength, Mobility, Weight loss, Stress managment.

Book your spot or your appointment here:

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