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In our boutique

Design clothes by artist Peter Eugén "Mr Nobody"

SF bikini design

SoulFitness also design bikinis, beachbags and gym clothes - all in the theme of SF colors. The bikinis are handmade and you can order for wished design and size. 

We also offer muay thai clothes and equipment for our muay thai training next door. 



You will as well find our flagship product - the high quality omega 3 oil from Zinzino, in our boutique. 

This is a well chosen product to go with SF concept of Health Heart & Soul. 

Together with the breathwork, fitness / yoga and icebaths that we offer- it comes hand in hand to offer one of the most important ingridients of all in that, and that is having balance on the inside and in your blood. 

There for we also offer blodtests to see your balance in the blood. The biggest health issue today is that 97 % of the population is lack of omega 3, which leads to many of our most common 


Icebath - 250 bath

Icebath + breathwork class - 400 baht ( make the experience and benefits even more )

Rent of towel- 50 baht

You can book the icebath whenever there is no class in the studio! Please book your slot thru the schedule booking.

Please wear swim underwear.

Our most important component

Let us know if you have any special requests or if you would like to book the ice chamber for VIP use. Alone or in a group.

Thank you for your request!

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