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SoulFitness Studio 

Breath, Yoga & Fitness

Koh Lanta 

A very warm welcome to SoulFitness Studio!

The only studio on Koh Lanta offering Breathwork, Yoga, Fitness classes and a icebath chamber - all at the same place.

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All classes in our studio is based on good Breathwork

SoulFitness studio base all our training on the power and benefits of to breath right. There for every class start with a short breathwork session that will bring you in to the class with the energy and focus you need.

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Come take an
ice bath

Boost and fill up yourself with new energy. You can choose to do a breathwork session while in the bath, but it is also possible to do it without. 

Breathwork together with icebath is an increadable combination and will do amazing things with your energy and health. 

Workout Facility

Our Classes

Our Classes


Wake Up Flow

Godmorning and welcome to this class where we will set a good and Nice tone for the rest of the day. Experienced or not this is a class for everyone. 

Twist & Core

Welcome to this engaging class where we will focus on the abdominals with movements that will engage and stimulate your digestion and leave you with a positive feeling for the rest of the day. 

Focus & Balance

Welcome to this dynamic class where we are gonna focus on balance. By practice balance you need to stay focused and let all other thoughts rest. 


Soham meditation helps to improve concentration, clarity of thought and inner stability. 

Moon Salutation

Welcome to wrap up the day in this class. 
Devided in stages where we start with some breathing exercise and then head on to warm up the body. 


A variation of Yoga classes every monday morning and friday evening at Lazy Days resort along Relax Beach

Box Dance

Ice & Breath

This session is including introduction of breathwork followed with a full class of breathing and icebathing. 


We use the techniques of DMT BREATH WORK: 
Breath of fire, Alkaline breathing, Shamanic breathing & Wim Hof breathing with breath holds.


Kids & Family


SF Tabata

Group station training.

High intensity interval training / workout with timed intervals and short recovery times.


Ashtanga beginner sequence.

A dynamic and physical class that is good for strengthening both your body and your mind.

Our Methods

SoulFitness in cooperation with

Muay Thai Complex


Welcome to our muay thai  family!

Men, women and children are all welcome to come and train with us. 
It doesn't matter what your fitness level or experience is, we have a place for everyone in our family.​
We are open 7 days a week, from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Click the link below for more info and prices.


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