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As LUMI icebaths ambassador we are proud to inform you that all our therapy baths are quality products. We are well educated and put security first all the time. Taking icebath therapy at SoulFitness studios is a well prepared, clean, safe and supervised session with a lot of knowledge and secured information.


A very 'cold' welcome to increase your helath and energy -

physically and mentally with our icebath therapy sessions!  

Cold water emersion

The body's natural healing powers can be harnessed through cold water immersion more and more. Wellness spas, health clinics, and sports therapists are increasingly offering cold water therapy. Their clients benefit from cold water immersion because it promotes healthy blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, and boosts their immune systems. Cold water therapy benefits athletes by improving cardiovascular circulation, reducing recovery times, and lowering their body temperature after high-intensity workouts in the heat. Even delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be relieved by ice baths. Athletes and expensive wellness centres no longer have to limit themselves to cold therapy. Home cold water immersion is hard to beat for people seeking to maximise their body's natural healing powers.


And most of all it helps mould our mental resilience.

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1.The maximum time you should spend in cold immersion is ten minutes

2.If you are unsure of the maximum exposure time, consult your doctor

3.By practising our breathing exercises, you will be able to develop a stronger level of breath control

4.Stay within safe limits when immersing in cold water at each of the four stages

And most of all it helps mould our mental resilience.



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