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SoulFitness Breathwork

Every class in SoulFitness studio is build up with a short breathwork before we start.
We base all our training on the power and benefits of to breath right, and you will get in to the class with the energy you need!

We use the techniques of DMT BREATH WORK, for example:
Firebreathing, Alkaline breathing, Shamanic breathing, Wim Hof breathing and 9D breathing sessions.

* Released DMT fluid in pineal gland
* Balanced blood pressure
* Increased deep sleep state
* Reduction of PTSD syndromes and feelings of trauma
* Stronger respiratory function
* Better immune system
* Release of stress hormones
* Clears mind and overthinking
* Heals damaged brain neurons and the sympathetic nervous system
* Lowers blood pressure
* Reduces inflammation 
* Increases energy and adrenaline
* Improves focus
* Helps manage asthma
* Relieves eczema and more..

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SoulFitness 9D breathwork


As certified somatic breath coaches, we specialise in facilitating transformative 9D Breathwork journeys. Through both sessions and group events, we offer a unique opportunity to explore the power of breath as a tool for releasing tension, accessing deeper states of awareness, and unlocking your full potential.

90 min crafted sound and breathwork experiences that facilitate life-changing transformational experiences! 

Also available online.

Book your sesion here: 

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