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What do You wish for Yourself?

Do you have a desire to feel better? Have more energy? Find your "purpose", your life task or what you want to work with? Ensure a strong old age? Or just simply want to find a continuous healthy lifestyle that contributes to a richer life both inside and outside? As a Certified International Personal Trainer and Life Coach, I can help guide your choices and make sure you get where you want with yourself. Having someone along the way, is to many, the key to really achieving their goals. You will feel another responsibility as there is someone who is always with you and who makes sure you do what you are doing and to support you when it feels tough or when you need motivation!

"I want to help others to understand and appreciate that there are ways that are not always visible. That a physical good health is never complete without a good mental health. It is with that vision that I created SoulFitness "

Book me to wherever you wish

Through SoulFitness program you will get all the professional help and guidance to accomplish your goals, no matter how big or small. Soulfitness offers personal training and coaching at a location of your choice with me on site or in the comfort of your own home. This helps you find inspiration, gaining a routine, and achieving your goals even if you choose to do it from home. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time, for example, to get to the gym or you simply want to work undisturbed. Book me to where it suits you!  

With customized and personalized training / coaching programs you can also choose to work with me online. I also read for larger groups and companies. For more info contact me in the form below!

"I've thru my very wonderful coach Sandra Wigren- had a lot of support. She has been there and is always there when I need advice and encouragement. I Has always seen her as a role model, she has felt like a friend who just wants me to reach my goal. " Marie


"Sandra is a real energy bundle with the heart in the right place, she knows what she's doing, and she's doing it well"

Anna Karin


"I am Soulfitness health program forever grateful and can warmly recommend this to everyone for to find better health, more energy and a strong well-being!"

P-E.N Stockholm

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