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When You decide to be the best version of You!

I am thrilled to teach you how to find

your life purpose and mission, 

and how to turn your pain in to your power!

To many of us today live a life which is not created for us.

Not using our gifts and talents that we have been given,

to live the life we came here to live.

My mentor- the worldwide famous motivational speaker Les Brown-

taught me that, "Life is God’s gift to you-

and what you choose to do with your life is your gift to God", What do you leave behind you as a contribution to humanity? What is your goal? What is your dream? Life is about creating dreams and stories.

Live Your life fully - so that you can die empty.

The struggle and pain we go through in our lifes is for the purpose to grow. I want you to look at yourself and what you have been through as you have been ’trained’, to learn what you came here to accomplish. The harder you have been trained- the more you have learned and are able to share. You can become an ’expert in your own field’.

We live in a powerful age of time, a global awakening.

I belive you have a responsibility both to yourself and to humanity to accomplish your life missions thru the gift, talents and abilities you have been given and experienced. Make life the most and don't waste your time on things that does not surve your higher purpose by to become the best version of your very own Unique You. 

Why should you invest in this course?

By investing in this course you will fast track your personal and professional life purpose.

  • Boost your Personality

  • Expand your Heart

  • You will create a map over your Dreams and Abilities. 

  • You will be able to reach your inner power

  • Turn your pain into your power


In this course you will learn how to:

  • See the outcome of your struggle and pain

  • Specify your DREAMS and GOALS

  • Develop your UNIQUE YOU

  • See your own WORTH

  • Do an inventory of your PERSONAL STORY

  • Let your story HELP OTHERS

  • Become the STAR in your own life


Who should participate in the course?

Anybody who wants to grow as a person and with their lives mission. Both personal and professionally.

For you who live destructive due to the pain and suffering you have went thru

If you feel that it is more to life then what you have gained so far


How long is the course and how is it structured?

Online or on spot.

We go thru the process of the pain by looking thru the different stages, and where to cut it for reflections, overview and not to get stuck in destructive behaviors. 


These are some topics we work with:

  • How to handle the effects of pain

  • How not to be destructive due the suffering and pain

  • How not to be a victim of your circumstances 

  • Do an inventory of your personal story

  • Develop your own worth

  • How you can let your story help others

  • That you are an expert in your own field 

We also go thru the importance of to understand that pain is very personified. We can never compare what we go thru-since pain never can be ’meassured’.

What is painful is very personal and can never be compared.

The harder you have been ’trained’ the more you have learned.

Price for course: 

Online 21 days with 4 personal zoom meetings of one hour each: 150 euro

Online 21 days and with 4 physical meetings of personal coaching one hour each: 250 euro


The course is payable in part.


Questions and notification:




The course fee is binding. No refund- but you have the possibility to re-book and attend the course at another time.


In the application you enter your Name + tel.




Become the one-

You are placed here to be.

A very warm welcome!

/ Sandra

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