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About  Me

Through Health, Heart and Soul.

From turning my pain into my Power-

I have become an expert in my own field.

I am able to see each individual.

Everyone has a story. And veryone has their own unique self. 

Are You ready to turn Your pain into power, and to find Your unique You?


I would like to start by referring to the event that changed my life forever. A life trauma as a survivor from Khao Lak in Thailand where I found myself when the tsunami rolled in 2004.



Not only did I survive the tsunami, but I also survived all that contributed to. Afterwards. When another tsunami rinsed over my life. And erased everything.

So much pain and so many black holes I visited because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time - but as I still all these years afterwards- dedicate so much to the one I actually became. A very transparent person who is totally happy with life and its ups and downs. Being able to be fully shredded in ALL modes. Being able to talk about pain, shame and reconstruction. It is my very strength today - and despite all the pain it meant to get there, I would not change anything if I could even.


The training has always been essential in my life.

But it has also played a major role in rehabilitation both on the inside and outside for me. Especially after the tsunami. I have such an insight of how good health and a strong body can be totally crucial.

Here is a quote from an interview I gave in a swedish magazine- from 2015:


"I often think about how I got up in that palm tree and if I had managed to climb if I had not had the basic physique that I actually had. It hit me so many times- how important it can become to be prepared in physics. '


I want to convey and help all people out there to understand and value that there are roads that are not always so visible. That a physical good health is never completed without a good mental health.

It is with that vision that I created SoulFitness.

There is not one day when I'm not grateful and deep in my heart send a gratitude prayer- over to be who I am and to be able to look at life with the eyes I today have.

It's a huge freedom and great happiness that I just want everyone to live in.



Sandra Wigren 46 years

International Public Speaker,

Certified International Personal Trainer,

Life coach and Actor, Clown, fire artist

Live in Thailand


I am an educated circus artist, and in television journalism.

I have worked as an artist and actor for 30 years, certified international personal trainer and I have been working in the television industry on and off for about 10 years. 


I have a long and wide training background, and a lot of experience in stress management and how to help to a healthier life both in and outside, how to really be fit from within.

I can help you with finding alternative ways thru life coaching, your diet , personal training and teach you how to use your powerful thoughts correctly.

The mental part is the most important of all.

As well, a good and healthy exterior can only be perfected through a good and healthy interior.

You are what you believe that you are.


I also run the event company



/ Sandra

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